face1 (112k image)

I’ve done what I’ve been saying for years that I was going to do. I’m taking at class from the college. It’s a water color class. I haven’t touched my paints in years, but I am really enjoying this class even if it does mean driving 80 miles twice a week. This is one I turned out last week. Not going to turn the art world upside down, but I think it shows that I may eventually relearn some of it. I am playing at this point tho, just learning the medium. The class goes to June so I have plenty of time for the serious painting requested for the end.

Meantime I am still fibering and the loom shop is as busy as ever, even tho I have been remiss at keeping up this blog. Any of you in Great Britain can now get your looms locally! Check with Carole at http://www.easisites.co.uk/webbsgreenfarmwool.

It’s raining here and I hope building a snowpack up above. Hope you are enjoying the last of winter where you are. (or Summer if you’re on the other half of the world! 😀 )

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