The Big Blue Diamond Thing…

Bluethingonloom (42k image)

It started out to be a tank top which was… well… a bad idea! :crazy: Then it was an afghan but, lordy! How many afghans does one household need? So then it was a skirt which looked okay, but I don’t wear that particular type of garment. Now it’s on it’s way to becoming a pull-over type sweater top. I used the 14″ diamond so it fits my ‘ampleness’ pretty well. I’ve figured out how to put it together so that it even has darts in the correct places. Now I’m working on sleeves. Yes, they are a must! 😦 I intended to use the 14″ square and put enough of them together to be able to cut the sleeves using a sewing pattern, but couldn’t find the loom :blush: but did find the 20″ square Randy made for me a couple years ago so used it instead. I should be able to show a photo of the finished sweater this weekend, if not today. I’ve got high hopes that this will be the last transformation of The Big Blue Diamond Thing! :laugh:

PS: Never mind. My brilliant idea did not work so the Big Blue diamond thing is back in a dark corner until the next inspirations strikes. 😦

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