Sis’s Xmas

RedwhiteblackDone (161k image)

This is the rug I wove for Sis’s xmas present. The rag was given me by a neighbor of hers in exchange for some rabbit hutches (of sis’s). She complained that it wasn’t a fair exchange! Really! 😎 So anyway, this is her share of the ‘take’! The next one will be for me… when ever that happens… :laugh:
Meantime, I have been working on the hat and bag book during these cold days. I wanted to have it done by now, but it’s slow going. Not just the projects, but the photographing and writing up the instruction… :confused: It’s already a year past my first optimistic estimation. sigh…
Well, If I keep plugging away it should be done by next winter at least, don’t you think?

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