Halloween Day

JackandCoriafterbaths (128k image)

Had a full day. Got an early appointment for Jack and Cori at the doggy beauty parlor so we took off for town. I got mine hair cut while they were getting theirs washed and clipped. Then it was off the vet to get jack shot… his rabies was due, them to the pound for his license… he’s legal now. I got all my stuff done as well. Stopped to fill the gas tank and was able to rescue an elderly gentleman who was momentarily baffled by the new atm pumps. All that was well and good. then when I got home I accidentally locked my purse and the dogs in the car. 😥 I couldn’t find Randy’s keys but I did discover that one back window was open about 4″. I was able to hook my purse with my plant hanging pole and fish the spare key out, to the great relief of the dogs! :blush:All’s well that ends well, Yes?
Anyway, we’re pretty and smell good, and that’s what really counts! 🙄
Hope your halloween isn’t too spooky!

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