Our Nat’l Forest Fireworks

daylily (197k image)

No fireworks in the forest but the daylilies are making glorious splashes in celebration. And I finally got the lawn mowed so they can be seen. Eddy and Justin may be here tomorrow and next weekend John and Debi and coming then shortly after Dan and his family arrive so we are going to have a lot of company this month. The cabins across the drive are also rented the next month or so to people who’ve been coming up summers for 30+ years, as well.
So I did some yard grooming to make us look… well, we’re country cousins, but spiffed up ones, anyway! :laugh:
Randy came in bone tired tonight and went to bed before the chickens. The poor boy has to spend tomorrow in the shop. I’ve been printing orders all day. I guess weavers have been inspired by all the fiber fairs lately and are looking for new tools.
Well, I hope you all have a fun and !!safe!! weekend! 🙂

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