Happy Birthday, Karen!

HappyBirthdayKaren (164k image)

Daughter’s birthday today! Shane painted the letters for the sign while Mac and I blew up balloons to hang in the living room. It’s very festive. 😀 We made brownies and had our own version of ‘death by chocolate’… a brownie topped with rocky road ice cream topped with cool whip topped off with a Hersey’s kiss. Not room enough for that bunch of candles so we each had a candle and made a wish for her before blowing. Gramma got so involved with the decorations that she for got to put the roast in the oven :blush: so we went out for dinner! Thank goodness it was Friday when there is a restaurant open in these woods! 😛
That’s Shane on the left and Mac in the right, with Mom under the banner.

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