As exciting as it gets….

Jack_felt (80k image)

Just an example of the excitement this week. In sweeping my kitchen porch, I discovered that in a few years I’m going to have a nice black and white wool carpet there. it started as a scrap of indoor/outdoor- the green stuff- but it’s where Jack spends a lot of time and tho he sheds pretty much year round, in spring it’s prodigious! Some came up but most of it just packs into the green stuff and hangs on tightly! Well, i think it’ll be unique. Maybe. Come to think of it, the carpet in the studio is beginning to look like that, too. Taz is also shedding! I guess it’s a good thing we’re all used to “fiber” around here!
Other than that, there are little green things poking optimistically up out of the mud. I’ve been raking the leaves I hadn’t raked last fall. Tho the nights are still in the mid-20’s the days are sometimes hitting 70! Whoo! I needed that! 😀

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