Back From Black Sheep Gathering

Cookie2 (147k image)

Whew! Home again! We had a wonderful time in Eugene again this year. Here is Cookie with one of the woven, needle felted bags she made that were pretty much one of the hits of the weekend. We displayed these in our booth and sold quite a few of them, to her delight. Sis sold her two big felted bags and I even sold the diamond felted bag I made, which I hadn’t intended to sell. But we know the most sincere form of flattery, don’t we?! $$ :laugh: There are a lot of weavers with new looms now, too. We visited with a lot of fiber folk again and had a great time. The organizers of this show do a terrific job and I want to thank them for all their work!

One thought on “Back From Black Sheep Gathering

  1. Now that is just a beautiful idea!!! Every bag is different and just so special!!! I have to say that my kids have quilted ‘Buddy Bag’s’ that their grandma found at the flea market in Haiwii and they just tote *everything* in them. It would never have dawned on me to make something like it for grownups though. Their bags have little arms hanging off the sides of the face and little legs hanging off the bottoms too. I’ll have to take a picture and slap it up on my blog for you. Man if I went to BSG I would have gotten one of these for sure! Then the kiddo’s would have teased me about having my own buddy bag! LOL

    And I love what you posted about the little boy who kept coming back! I guess he knew what he liked! Glad to hear he got a loom. Maybe you’ll hear from him again next year with tales of all the work he’s done! 🙂


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