On our way to the Black Sheep Gathering….

meintheshop.bmp (438k file)

And before you ask… No, it isn’t a family reunion! 😀 Fiber people know it’s one of the biggest get togethers on the west coast for us do-it-yourself type’s. But anyone who loves quality and luxury yarns will also find much to delight them. spinners, weavers knitters, crocheters, tatters and lacemakers. Not to mention sheep, goat, alpaca, & rabbit raisers are there in abundance, too, selling fleeces, and animals and yarn made from all these.There are animal and fiber events, displays of fantastic arts, a spinners circle, works shops on just about any fiber related subject you could imagine… really, I can’t begin to list all that’s going in there so I’ll just furnish you with the link to the web page and you can go check it out. http://www.blacksheepgathering.org/ I hope many are you are close enough to get to come. It’s worth the trip and Eugene is an interesting town as well.
But it’s me in the photo, rubbing down the last of the looms we need to take along. I’m *almost* ready to go…! 😛
Now … what was it that I didn’t write on the list….? 💡

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