A Lazy person’s version of the felted bowl

QuiltWeaver bowl (147k image)
Okay. I got myself intrigued by the idea. And I just happened to buy out a neighbors stash of commercial wool yarn and the two got together and came up with this lazy weaver’s version! lol I used the Quilt Weaver set, tho i had to add Tiny Weaver squares in the end also. It felted up pretty small with this wool. The finished “bowl” is 4″ high and 8″ rim to rim across the top. But I am pleased with it all in all! It was suggested that it looked like a hat and it does but I think the 14″ set would have to be used for that. At least with this yarn. I did go dig out a new set of colors, determined to try the tiny Weaver version along with several other weavers who’ve expressed interest in trying this! It may take me forever to get this one done. It’ll need to go to the bottom of the list of on-going projects! :laugh:

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