kimono jacket

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These photo’s are pop-ups so you will have to click. I was given these by the widow of a man who had business connections and friends in Japan and I think they are authentic and even perhaps old. The beading is exquisite and I would like to know something about them. I thought of donating them to the local theater group but they kind of seem like they’d be better in a museum. Anyway, I’d like to preserve this craftsmanship somehow but really know nothing about them. If you could help I’d appreciate it. There is this vest, a piece that I think was a hat, a couple of sash type things, one that looks like a bustle, a big bow on a wire and some braided cords. Oh yes, also a little pillow of red silk with tiny gold tassels on each corner.
There is also some delicate paper work with flaking gold leaf, or what I think is gold leaf.

2 thoughts on “kimono jacket

  1. Hi, Hazel . . . Followed your link from the A-K list. I don’t know a whole lot about Japanese textiles, although I do love them. I would say offhand that this work is not characteristically Japanese, since I am not aware that they have a tradition of beadwork. Since they have some connection to Japan, I would say they are more likely to be tribal work from somewhere in Central Asia. Perhaps if you could identify the fabrics you could get help from a nearby museum that has a textile conservator.


  2. If you donate these to a museum there is a renouned textiles museum in Toronto that would jump at the chance – the Canadian Textiles Museum – they could even help you identify this beadwork – I think it is either Mongolian, Tibetan or Peruvian myself – I am leaning more to Tibetan and Mongolian (simular and related cultures of the Himylayan SP? Mountains of Northern China and India)


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