Cleaning House

ugly_lamp (51k image)

This is a bit “off topic” but it IS what’s been going on around here, lately. I’m minimizing. Loading up the trailer for a trip to the Good Will and finding all sorts of a “treasures” while I’m at it. This one, however, is one of Randy’s. It’s been at his Dad’s and I don’t recall where he got it, some time while working in The City ie: San Francisco and environs. It’s antique and pretty darned ugly. I’m thinking there were probably those flower looking glasses on it at one time. We’ve speculated that the bowl held fake fruit or flowers. I’m not sure what it’s made of… it’s verdigris but it may not be genuine. Anybody ever seen anything like this? I’d sure like to get some info on it. I really can’t imagine it centering my dining table, even in it’s prime, :blush: but, still… one likes to know.
As for fiber content… well, there isn’t any lately. I’m trying to get rid of stuff to make room for the stuff I have to store while we finish the “new” (it just passed it’s 1 year anniversary) room and it’s been raining and still is, which rather hampers things, and it all makes me too darned grouchy :plain: to be creative!
Hope things are brighter where you are!
P.S. It was suggested that I turn this lamp up-side down and hang it from the ceiling. Now that may be a workable idea! :laugh:

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