winter_window (64k image)

Not much has been happening lately but thought I should post anyway so here is a view of my winter window. The plants take up most of the space. I had to tie the ‘string of hearts’ into a knot to keep it off the floor and away from Randy’s feet when he’s sitting here at the computer (that white is the corner of the monitor). The Coleman is still hanging there. He did put it away this spring but had to get it out again, the power’s been going off frequently this summer. It was out for some time during the night, probably a tree down, as the wind has been blowing gustily for two days now. The widow glass is etched by the aluminum frames, we’re replacing them in the spring. He’s talking about french doors, but I think we should stay with the widows… where else am I going to put the plants in the winter! That pile of bags are my in-progress projects. The brown bag holds the Teddy bears I’m weaving for a charity thing. The green one is my on-going Diamond Patch sweater, the blue is the knitting needles, the circulars and double points, and I think there’s some woven mitten experiments in the print bag. I’m working on weaving a poncho and one other Xmas present that I can’t talk about here just yet! Well, this is long winded! 😛 Sis is coming down today and we’re going to town tomorrow to visit Pop then spend the weekend doing ‘fiber’ projects and visiting.
Hope you are all enjoying some of this fine November sunshine!

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