The view across the road…

Morrison_Gulch (64k image)
We had a sprinkling of snow on the lawns and roofs this morning… an Evil Warning of what’s to come! :angry:
Oh yes… I seem to have reached that stage of life when I love a bit of snow on Christmas morning and the rest of the time I love it on the mountain tops!:D
And, of course, the wood shed is not full, the leaves have not been raked (most are still on the trees!) and there’s still the hoses to put away and the stuff on the patio to put up. Some planters have to be moved… Winter’s a lot easier in the Souf’lan… or so I think until I remember the cleaning up after hurricanes. That makes snow a bit more tolerable! lol 😛 I think I’ll go sit by the fire and weave a bit…. Stay warm!:)

3 thoughts on “The view across the road…

  1. Hi Hazel,
    sure glad that snow hasnt dropped down our way yet. We`re not near ready either. Love your blogs, I hope to buy one of your looms some day. Glad your business is going so well. Congrats. Take care.



  2. Love your Oct 26 posting of the picture of Morrison Gultch (aka View across the road). I can only imagine having a room with lots of window space and sitting there with my wheel or a triloom and dreaming as I work (or play!).
    Thanks for sharing.
    Andi K


  3. Thanks! Today it’s cold but clear and sunny. The view is still white, too! I’m ready, the houseplants are insdie and things put away, but meantime, I am enjoying the sunshine!


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