My “poncho-ette”

purple_poncho (13k image)
Three’s a charm they say. This one fits but not as well as I’d like. The design is “skirt” shaped and has no shoulder shaping which accounts for the roll at the neckine. This sort of design might work on a thin person but we amples need shoulder room. The next one will have that. I like this design so, yes, I’ll do it again. And still a bit longer, I think. The pattern is Razor Shell Capelette from Rosie’s Knits. Dunno why Razor Shell but must have reminded designer Grace Robbins of something I’m not familiar with. 🙂

One thought on “My “poncho-ette”

  1. I think this must not have been designed for the How shoulders. Lots of women are pretty narrow in the shoulders, unlike some of us. But I like it anyway


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