Today’s project

apple_tree_done (81k image)

This is before on the left and after on the right.
We’ve been talking about it for years but just never got to it. But today the whole yard was smelling like a the still had burst! lol The tree makes a bumper crop of pity bad tasting apples that even the deer won’t eat so they tend to fall and ferment before I get them rakes up and carted off. It’s virtue was a bit of shade, but there’s still several oaks, an ash, a maple, and a little tree who’s family line is unknown so that little shade want’ enough to save it today. The place looks a lot bigger, too. Once he cuts the stump and I get rid of the old dog house I’ll clean this area up and that’s where the picnic table will sit in the summer. My bulb garden is there if I can discourage the blackberries. :plain:

One thought on “Today’s project

  1. Just read through the past couple of weeks! Looks like you’ve been a bit busy! The yard clean up you’ve done is amazing. Too bad about the apple tree.

    I’m going to get busy on our squarefoot garden this weekend. I’ll be sure to post before and after pic’s on my blog. Dh wants to put in a winter crop since we didn’t get to do the summer one with all the work we’ve been doing around here.

    Your diamonds in the pic above this post blend in really well with the fall colors! Sadly I’m still working on Easter colors. I’m not really a fast spinner! LOL
    I guess I could mix a bit of the red Kool aide colors with some of the oragne and yellow EE colors and call it fall though!

    Well, gotta get back to the knitting. I’m finishing up two last gifty projects, and then I’m going to go back to the weaving also. Ahhh, feels good to have all my Christmas knitting done! LOL


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