Another new loom

rectangle_loom (67k image)
Got Randy to make a rectangle loom yesterday. I had him do the 14 x 18 size. It’s too big for placemats but about right for a hand towel, I think. He thinks the 12 x 24 might work for placemats but I think that’s still going to be too big. I’m afraid placemats are going to have to be made with more than one in order to get them to the correct size. The one I made with the big square and 3 Tiny squares was about right.
But I think this loom might work well for small rugs or bath mats. I think I might try rag on it, I’ve been wanting to do that. May have to skip nails, tho.
Anyway, I think the variegated kitchen cotton is turning out pretty, whether it works as a towel or not.

3 thoughts on “Another new loom

  1. Wow! Thats cool. While it may not work for a placemat it would make a pretty table runner for the center. Maybe put some stuffing in it for a giant pot holder for setting supper on?


  2. Wow, I like it, I like it! My loom collection is growing by leaps and bounds. Yesterday I just started using my 3 ft. tri-loom Randy made for me and now I want one of these and a diamond one too!


  3. LOL A giant potholder! I love it!And my loom collection is growing by leaps and bounds, too. I’m having a heck of a time finding time to weave on all of them! But I did finish this towel.


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