A different sort of loom.

doublestar2woven (20k image)

One of our best customers and a really fine weaver wanted a diamond shaped loom. Randy made a proto-type last night and I wove these on it today to be sure it ws going to do the job for her. So now I have a big yarn doily! She has ambitious plans for hers, but I think mine is probably as big as it’s going to get… for awhile, anyway. I have plans for a diamond, too, but a smaller one. It was still too hot for mowing lawns so this was a good excuse to sit in front of the fan again today! 😀

2 thoughts on “A different sort of loom.

  1. Hi, Hazel and Randy.

    I like that star shaped doily you made Hazel. With the Diamond shaped Loom, you can weave a quilting block design called "Tumbling Blocks". Does any of your Quilt Looms or Tiny Quilters match the sides of the Diamonds.

    I would like to get a Diamond Loom that matches the sides of both the Tiny Square Weaver and one Diamond Loom that matches the Square Quilt Weaver. How much will they cost?

    I just saw a knitted pattern of an afghan with the "Tumbling Blocks" pattern and I know it’s possible to weave that design. If you have a lion’s Brand Catalog or go on their website and look at that afghan.


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