The younger fiber folk.

5-28gsmall (16k image)
Shane had a school field trip to a farm and brought home some llama fiber. He brought it to California to have Gramma show him how to make a teddy bear out of his llama wool. Here he is carding it. We got it spun up and we’ll start weaving the bear later this week. We also spun up some wool to make his ‘stash’ go further! He did fine but I didn’t get a picture of him spinning. I’m sure there will be more photo ops later!

One thought on “The younger fiber folk.

  1. They all look like they are having a great time! You are one lucky lady to have such talented kiddo’s around! 😀 Hope the rest of your summer with them goes superriffic!

    Now you’ve given me the greatest idea of what to do with a little bit of EE dyed handspun I have left over. I’m going to use the looms to make the kiddo’s little bears with it. Of course I’ll send you some pictures when they’re done. Ought to be pretty colorful bears with the pretty colors I’ve got!


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