A trip up the mountain

ParksCk.5 (58k image)
We rode up Parks Creek to where the road was closed by the snow, around 5000′. The picture is High Camp Creek near Cement Bluff & lake. Randy and Jack walked up to look at the little falls. It was nice up there. Warm, with a gentle bit of a chilly breeze, nice spring smells in the clean air. The road was cleared of fallen debris by the loggers who would like to go to work up there, but the USFS hasn’t done any road work yet. It’s in charge of the Mt. Shasta district so they probably won’t until the road is open to their side. Not much longer now if the weather keeps up as warm as it’s been. One of the accesses to the Pacific Crest Trail is in the pass. The dogs enjoyed this outing, too. Cori was just like a kid, digging and rolling in the snow. Funny!

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