A new home

4-26-04pigh (104k image)
Here’s Rosy leading the way to the new pig house. They followed along nicely until she got to the gate! It took the better part of an hour of coaxing and bribing (apples and cheese!) but they are in now and settled down nicely. Being short guys the alpacas and donkeys liked to tease them a bit but now they have their own quarters. And nice ones they are, too. My sister is one clever gal, and did most of the carpentry herself. She has window boxes to go there under the windows, too, so it is going to be quite pretty. The trim & the gate will be painted dark green to match the other buildings. Her rabbits are housed in one end and Arthur and Maggie share the other and have a nice yard, too.
We had an fun weekend and a nice visit.

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