Has it been fourty days and fourty nights yet?

flood042a (33k image)
This mirky picture is of Treasure Creek, just before the culvert under the driveway. Looks like it may go over the driveway by afternoon. I took the pic out the bathroom window, the only one with no screen to shoot though. I didn’t want to go out there to get a close up! 😥 Don’t know what C.C. looks like this morning but according to USFS and BLM reports both it and the River are pretty high and the lake is filling rapidly! Hope you are all still on an island! It is still coming down hard here. The Temp this morning is 44 degrees. This is one of those they call a Pineapple Express. ‘Sposed to get a break this evening. But more on the way. Looks like the drought here is done. Rosy seems to think they need more rain up there. I’d be willing to share! 😀 We got wind, too. Power was out yesterday for short times, (hour or so the longest) and I’m almost willing to bet we’re gonna lose it again today. We haven’t had a Spring Run-off in awhile and that term is usually reserved for hot spring day when the sun is doing the snow melting. Rain melts have a tendency to cause floods. This looks like the first chance the Corps Of Engineers has gotten to test the dike work they did the last time Coffee Creek decided to move out of it’s bed. Got within about 15’ of the house then. :O
Randy’s gone off to see about cutting down Treasure Creek a bit. You guys all stay warm, and dry if you can. We may get our toes wet but we’ll be fine and I’ll report if we have power. :confused:

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