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Toes (28k image)

Okay, it may not be lovely spring scenery but it was fun! πŸ˜€ Sister, daughter, & I went together and got pedicures, then went out to lunch before coming home to feed hungry-from-hiking males. Today the boys went to school and we’re going to leave Randy to entertain himself and we’re going to visit the LYS in Chattanooga.
Saturday we put sis back on the plane for Florida and we hit the road again, heading north to visit son. Just in time for the next rain storm it looks like. 😦
Oh well… Mother Nature will have her way. But I’m thankful for these few sunny warm days. Hope you’ve been having some, too. πŸ™‚


kittens1a (38k image)

We’re enjoying our visit with Karen and the boys. Did some sight seeing yesterday and took a lot of pictures, of course, but the one I chose to post here is obviously not one of them. I glanced down at my yarn bag on the floor beside the couch and found it full of frantic activity! :laugh: They are too small yet to do much damage and were really not interested in the yarn, only ambushing each other from the hiding place. Later they piled up and took a nap in there.
I think we’ll do some more sight seeing today and it’s also time for some domestics again. Laundry piles up even on vacation. πŸ˜›
And it’s raining again. πŸ™„


TennesseeTrees6aa (39k image)

We’re here in Flintstone, GA at daughter’s for the week, at last! The photo is along the road in Tennessee, taken though the windshield, which accounts for the lesser quality of it but it’s still beautiful. I don’t want to live in Tennessee but I count it as one of the prettier states I’ve been though. Many places are beautiful for different reasons, but Tennessee seems to me to be the spot the Hobbits would choose if they couldn’t have New Zealand anymore.
We are barely into Georgia here but will do some sightseeing this week and I’m sure we’ll find plenty of things to photograph.
I’m sure you saw/read about the tornadoes. We went south of Murfreesboro, but saw signs of smaller storms even there. The storm seems to have moved on, tho, and today looks to be sunny. A good thing, it’s Easter.
Hope your morning is bright and sunny, too! πŸ™‚

Old Miss

CoalBargePosted (20k image)

Saw lots of trains hauling coal and this time is was trucks loading it onto barges that were pushing it upstream. The water was up and muddy after last nights storms so it was pushing hard, too.

Still Kansas

oilwell2 (70k image)

Okay Kansas, I apologize! It was eastern Colorado and really western Kansas that is void of trees. Over here on this side there’s lots of them. We also saw a large grove of windmills. it was great but unfortunately my pictures didn’t turn out. If you look closely you can see an oil pump waay in the back of this field there next to the trees. but it shows the flat that most of the part of Kansas we went though is.
We’re at my neice’s this evening and enjoying the visit. πŸ™‚

We’re in Dodge City Kansas tonight.

OldFortBentInside (56k image)

We stopped by to visit this historical site, Old Fort Bent in Coloradoand we were just in time to join a passel of school children. Shortly after we arrived in Kansas but Kansas is difficult for a mountain girl to get a grip on. Contrary to what you may have heard, however, they do have trees. We saw several during today’s journey. :laugh:

A view from Pueblo, CO

Lookingwest3blog (67k image)

Looking west, back the way we came. The foreground is the “forest” in this area. :O Don’t want to get up close and personal with it! :laugh: What an amazing world we live in!

Find something amazing where you live today. πŸ™‚