Archive | October 2004

Elderly plants

Drunkards_Dream (70k image)
While starting to move my house plants indoors for the coming winter I just happened to recall that this plant moved here with me from Florida in 1979. My sister had given me the start of it… I can’t remember when… but this is my oldest plant and the only survivor of that other life. Let’s see… that makes it 25+ years old. It’s called a Drunkards Dream (I don’t know it’s Latin name) and you can understand why it got that name if you study it! πŸ˜€ But it has small, delicate white flowers and blooms every year. In spite of it’s homeliness it’s one of my favorites.

Autumn colorway

hickory_colorway (64k image)

I talked about my fall colors in the ad this week so I thought I’d post a picture of what I meant. This is the Hickory tree that Grandfather planted from some nuts his brother sent from back east, years ago. It is really pretty this time of year. It doesn’t last long but really lights up the yard for a time. I thought my diamonds blended well with this picture. They are going into the felted bag I’ve been working on. I also have some red that matches the Woodbine on the porch. πŸ™„
We had our first fall rain last night. Not a lot but hopefully enough to deminish the fire danger for awhile. The forest looks green and happy this morning, anyway. πŸ™‚

Today’s project

apple_tree_done (81k image)

This is before on the left and after on the right.
We’ve been talking about it for years but just never got to it. But today the whole yard was smelling like a the still had burst! lol The tree makes a bumper crop of pity bad tasting apples that even the deer won’t eat so they tend to fall and ferment before I get them rakes up and carted off. It’s virtue was a bit of shade, but there’s still several oaks, an ash, a maple, and a little tree who’s family line is unknown so that little shade want’ enough to save it today. The place looks a lot bigger, too. Once he cuts the stump and I get rid of the old dog house I’ll clean this area up and that’s where the picnic table will sit in the summer. My bulb garden is there if I can discourage the blackberries. :plain:

One project…

Webster_bear (71k image)
My LYS is having a bear knitting for charity. They supply the yarn, pattern, and stuffing. I, naturally, have woven mine. There’s enough yarn left to make a baby or maybe two. I think mom and twins would be cute! The bear looks like she has lint, but it is white flecks in the maroon yarn and doesn’t really look linty in “real life”. I had a heck of a time finding a ribbon color that would go and finally settled on the yellow as the best, :confused: tho I have a pink that might go.
But now I have to get back to my diamonds. While I was in the LYS I stocked up on enough yarn to finish the Big Bag so now all I need is the time. Naturally. :laugh: