Fire pictures

I know there are other fires in Ca and other states where people are losing their homes that are much more scary than ours is at the moment but it is still scary being this close. I am just glad there are fire fighters to spare for us. Here are a couple rather dramatic photos taken by area people with longer shot distances that I have here at the foot of Billy’s Peak.

I’m not sure from where this one was taken.

Marti Mullions picture

This one was taken from the Trinity Center airport, 8 miles down highway 3 from here.

from Trinity Center Airport at about 2 p.m. 8-3-14

This one was taken from the East Fork road, but E Fork of the Trinity, not E Fork of Coffee Creek where the fire is. We live at the foot of this Mt. The fire is just behind and to the west (left) of it. This is what it looks like in the morning. The brown air is all the way to the ground. Weather forecast for the next few days is more thunder storms and the possibility of “heavy rain”. Do pray for that part!




One thought on “Fire pictures

  1. Jefferson Public Radio would like to use the picture of the fire from East Fork Road on our website. We want to make sure that we give proper credit for the photo, are you the photographer?

    No, these are not my photos. I got them from neighbors on facebook who I guess reposted. the second one is from Action News Now with Dennis Stevens. Action News Now has a facebook page. I dont’ know who took the first one.


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