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It’s been awhile since we saw this…

FirstSnow2a (251k image)

…But we have white tops this morning. I expect we’ll finally get our killing frost tonight. But the forecast is for it to clear a bit and …maybe… get a little warmer before the next one. I’m happy to see it up there as long as they get the pass cleared by Thursday morning when I have to head north! 😀
Welcome to Winter!

Okay, so I can’t resist.

DSC01365a (363k image)

:laugh: …but it’s sooo pretty! I spotted this one on the way home from the post office today. It’s pouring rain but that only sets off the colors better. I was mostly attracted by the dark wine color behind the lighter colors. I tried to get a close up, the next photo shows some of it. There were many more good pictures but I was able to take this one from the car, for the rest I’d have had to get wet! Goodness! :laugh:
Hope you are staying dry!

This is the colorway…

DSC01365c (305k image)

… that attracted my attention. That deep wine color of the plum behind the lighter red-apricot-yellow-green of the dogwood set off by the gold & bright yellows of the cottonwood and maple. Want to weave that one?